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11 - 11:30 Main Stage

Guy Aitchison will lead off the Fourth Virtual Tattoo Gathering, letting everyone know what the event is about, introducing the day's speakers, and providing instructions on how to navigate and get the most out of this new experience. Viewer questions welcome.

11:00 - 6:00 Ballroom Floor

Drop by the various booths on the Ballroom floor and watch live tattooing, join studio or factory tours, speak directly with artists and chat with other guests. Each booth has its own channel featuring a variety of live content which includes interviews and other fun in-depth material. You can see which booths are live by looking at the Ballroom Floor page.

11:30 - 1:00 Seminar Room
Andre Malcolm: Large Scale Japanese Design

Join Bay Area artist Andre Malcolm as he shows you stages of his creative process including early sketches, fitting on clients and other aspects of his workflow. He'll also talk about palette choices and designing for various skin types. Audience questions are encouraged.

1:00 - 1:15 Main Stage
Lightning Critique: Large Scale Japanese Tattoos

Andre Malcolm, Guy Aitchison and a guest panelist will do fast-format critiques of submitted medium to large scale Japanese inspired tattoo work. It's a quick pace where not a word is wasted. Artists can submit their tattoo photos at Put "Large Japanese" in the subject box.

2:00 - 3:30 Main Stage Guy Aitchison Sleeve Design Workshop

Join @GuyAitchisonart Today, August 30 at 2pm EST for a free interactive exercise aimed at professional tattoo artists and apprentices. In this hands-on workshop you'll have the option of drawing either digitally or on paper using the blank sleeve template provided. Swipe to see the page of references that your hypothetical client has brought you. The goal will be to make good use of the subjects in these references to make a bold, readable sleeve design with good flow and balance; the references are for ideas only and are not intended to be traced. Guy will be drawing a version of the design while explaining his decision making process, and at the same time encouraging participants to find their own answers to this compositional puzzle while drawing their versions. Finished drawings will be posted on Instagram using the #reinventingdrawinggroup hashtag so we can share and compare. You can find the live exercise on the main stage at Hope to see you there!

4:00 - 5:30 Seminar Room
Panel: Thriving as an Independent Artist in 2020

Join Guy Aitchison and a panel of guest artists (to be announced) to talk about the current realities of making it as an artist today. This includes some detailed discussion of social media and internet promotion, but intends to tap into the mindsets of artists who are finding new ways to get by in a changing world.

5:30 - 6:30 Main Stage
Product Demonstrations

Join our sponsors in taking a look at their latest tattooing products, including demonstrations by top artists and a number of amazing product giveaways.

7:00 - 9:00 Main Stage
Rain Delmar

@theartofrain will be joining us at the upcoming Virtual Tattoo Gathering for an oil painting seminar titled the Surreal Portrait where she will share how to add fantastical elements to the already beautiful reference photo she shot ( Swipe for reference photo)⠀
This will be happening for FREE on the Main Stage at on Sunday August 30th at 7PM EST.⠀
Rain recommends that you tone your paint surface with a thin Burnt Sienna wash, and transfer the portrait drawing on top so you can follow along easier.⠀
The supply list:⠀
-Cool White⠀
-Portland Cool Grey⠀
-Payne's Grey⠀
-Radiant Red⠀
-Radiant Magenta⠀
-Radiant Violet⠀
-Titanium Buff⠀
Windsor & Newton:⠀
- Yellow Ochre⠀
- Flesh Tint⠀
-Permanent Alizarin Crimson⠀
-Burnt Sienna⠀
-Raw Umber ⠀
-Venetian Red ⠀
-Naples Yellow ⠀
-Titanium White⠀

Painting Surface:⠀
-Gesso-primed and sanded masonite board or primed canvas ⠀

-Original Liquin⠀

- Flats or filberts, based on personal preference⠀

-paper towels⠀
-jars for medium⠀

Thank you to our sponsors @Empireinks @eternalink @cheyennetattoo_equipment and @tattoosociety whos generosity is the reason you can enjoy this even for FREE!


Times in EST

11 - 11:30 Main Stage

Guy will open the second day by introducing the Monday's speakers and talking about the day's schedule. Audience questions are encouraged, which will help guests understand how to get the most of their Virtual Tattoo Gathering experience.

11:30 - 1:00 Main Stage
Lady Sara - Innovation is hidden in the past

@ladysaratattoo is known for her beautiful and painterly, almost watercolor-almost collage tattoos. In this interview @GuyAitchisonart will be chatting with Sara about her unique approach to the design process, which draws from a time where tattoos were more of a ritual.
Both artists also operate in more secluded and immersive work environments than a lot of tattooers these days so they will be able to speak to how that affects their clients' experience and their own.
This will be happening at on the main stage at 11:30am EST on Monday August 31

1:00 - 1:15 Main Stage
Lightning Critique

2:00 - 3:30 Main Stage - Tattoo Society's Tony Romel Live Interviews

Tattoo Society was a pivotal presence in tattoo publishing when it first hit the magazine racks, raising the bar for quality and artistic diversity to new levels. It’s publisher, Tony Romel, continues to do insightful interviews with trail blazing artists.

@romantattoos is famous for his colourful, surreal tattoos. Join us at as Tony Romel from @tattoosocietymagazine interviews Roman on the Main Stage on Monday August 31 at 2:00pm EST⠀

4:00 - 5:30 Seminar Room
Frank Lanatra: Next Level Character Design

@franklanatra is known for taking a boldly artistic approach to new school design, often minimizing his outlines and using subtle color approaches and atmospheric interference to bring his high-energy characters to life. The session starts with a short introduction where @guyaitchisonart asks Frank about his history as a tattooist and how he arrived at his current design philosophy. After this Frank will be diving into his design process. There will be time for audience questions.
Join us at on Monday August 31st at 4:00pm EST in the Seminar Room. You will need the seminar password so be sure to get your FREE ticket ahead of time to receive that. 

5:30 - 5:45 Main Stage
Lightning Critique: Cartoon/New School Tattoos

Frank Lanatra, Jesse Smith and Guy Aitchison will do fast-format critiques of submitted cartoon/new school tattoo work. It's a quick pace where not a word is wasted. Artists can submit their tattoo photos at Put "Frank" in the subject box.

6:00 - 6:30 Main Stage
Product Demonstrations

Join our sponsors in taking a look at their latest tattooing products, including demonstrations by top artists and a number of amazing product giveaways.

7:00 - 9:00 Main Stage
Ty McEwen & Guy Biomech Paint Jam

Join @TyMcEwen and @GuyAitchisonart for a fun Painting jam at the @virtualtattoogathering . Ty will be in the desert with his oils painting a biomech piece inspired by nature. You can follow along or paint something entirely your own. Some people will be invited to join in the Zoom call to share their pieces and chat with Ty and Guy.
This will be happening at 7PM EST on Monday August 31 on the Main Stage of 

9:00 - ? Bar
Drunk Critique with Tony Romel and Bob Tyrrell!

Many of you are already familiar with this fun and somewhat sloppy tattoo tradition, which has become a sought-after distraction during the pandemic. If you have nerves of steel, you can submit your work for critique at Be sure to specify "drunk critique" with your images.

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Empire Inks
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