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"Join us as we regain some of the important interaction that’s been lost because of the pandemic crisis." - Guy Aitchison
Sponsored by: Eternal Ink - Cheyenne Tattoo - Empire InksReinventing the Tattoo - TattooNOW

Virtual Tattoo Convention

Save the dates August 30th to 31st from
 11-? EST. beam directly into the tattoo culture LIve! 

feedback from first Virtual Tattoo Gatherings:

"It was such an awesome event... Had a great time and made some new contacts. Even though many of us wish it could be in person it was a blast! Thanks for Everyone that was involved in the Virtual Tattoo Gathering!! Such a blast!! Learned a lot all you can do is grow!" #virtualtattoogathering #vtg #tattoolife #thankyou #alwayslearning #roseycheeks

Yesterday I attended a virtual painting seminar by @shawndbarber at the world’s first ever @virtualtattooconvention & I’m feeling even more inspired to create in new ways! Thank you Shawn! And thank you to all who’ve been supportive during this time,

Had the chance to take a painting seminar by @shawndbarber who I’ve admired for quite some time. I had so much fun getting to take part:)After watching and some critique I sat down and painted this guy ;)

August 30-31 2020

VTC Team has webstreamed for over a decade

PURPOSE: VTG is a response to the covid-19 situation and the way that it has affected the tattoo community, which is a highly social culture that craves interaction. Our objective is to use networking and videoconferencing technologies to bring the community together in such a way as to fill the void left by all the cancelled conventions- allowing us to socialize, check out other visitors’ tattoo collections, share portfolios, watch our favorite artists work, learn from them at seminars and engage in chat groups on a variety of subjects. Vendors can demonstrate their newest products, offer factory tours and extend special offers. There will be panels discussing all kinds of topics including tattoo critiques. We hope that by bringing all of these activities together under one virtual roof that we can regain some of the important interaction that’s been lost because of the pandemic crisis.

Led by veteran tattooer Guy Aitchison, the team behind VTC has lived and breathed tattoos, education, and produced many of the tattoo world's most memoriable events in the last two decades in a variety of unique wonderful locations. Attracting amazing artists- along with those who aspire to be amazing- is how we have built the artist communities for Reinventing the Tattoo and TattooNOW for decades. We have webcast these events for over a decade, helping artists, collectors, and the curious from all over the world beam into events far and wide from the comfort of their own home (or on the car ride!). Given the current state of the world, we are excited to scale up and go all in and produce virtual tattoo conferences and conventions.

August 30-31 – The Fourth Virtual Tattoo Gathering:

> Free to all guests
> Free giveaways including machines, inks, cartridges, and digital products
> Four headlining workshops
> Late night ala prima paint sessions both nights
> Epic Drunk Critique session
> Virtual “booths” with artists beaming in via webcam to create a “floor” that visitors can check out, see the artists working, check out their portfolios and browse their merchandise
> Sponsor “booth” presence on convention floor provides great place for special offers, promotional videos, demonstrations by top tier artists etc
> "Stage" is programmed with interviews, discussion panels, and the other stage activities you have come to love at previous Reinventing/Paradise/WWTC events.
> “Bar” area provides socialization opportunities for guests. Includes chat rooms, drawing groups and a “show off your tattoo collection” forum

In order to bring this programming to you free of charge, VTG is sponsored by Eternal Tattoo Supply,  Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment, and Empire Inks. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available.